Lets Get A Grip....The Man Who Now Speaks For America Hardly Understands America

Starting with our entry into WWI in 1917, it has been called the American Century….currently the news media is agog over every hint of a foreign policy shift from the Oval Office… they chase every lead, and speculate what historic policy change may be evolving….but while that’s OK with the 24/7 media, it shouldn’t be the same with the long lens of historians….yet both are equally agog over the bizarre contradictions of the rebuff of NATO one day, then an apocalyptic vision in the Warsaw speech the next.

lets get a grip folks for these are not profound nuances from the mind of a great strategic thinker…. all evidence suggests these are essentially [1] what the latest speechwriter wrote or [2] what the most currently favored family boy-man whispered or [3] something that just sorta slipped out from a master hustler playing to his audience….to pursue these utterances as any more significant is to chase a tail that just keeps wagging

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