Ladies ~ A Secret My Fellow Males Hate To Hear

In today’s terms what I am about to tell you would be called a conspiracy theory. However, l assure you it’s not just a theory. Somewhere in the unrecorded history of humanity, the guys took over from the gals; and they’ve been hanging on to their ill-gotten gains ever since.

No one exactly knows when and where it happened, but in some distant age, male gods replaced female goddesses in our ancestors’ pantheon. From our origins it was logical for primitive tribes to exalt the female, because after all she was the only gender that could produce life. The culture naturally worshiped goddesses as the divinities who most counted. But over time the logic shifted.

By the time of the Ancient Greeks, there was an equal number of gods and goddesses. Then gradually the thunder gods of the sky grabbed the upper hand from the fertility goddesses of the earth. Later with Judaism and Christianity, a single male god completed the process. [Everyone knows about such recently uncovered Biblical works like the Gospel of Mary, and the Dan Brown novels about the Vatican’s supposed repression of the facts about her role in the life of Jesus].

Whatever your take on the past, here’s my take on the present.

Right now the role and rule of the male is, even in the face of the many feminist movements, still in control in most cultures. The real question isn’t is-this-a-fact; it’s how-has-this-fact-affected-our-world. Even if my answer disqualifies me in the locker rooms of my male peers, I’ve to go on record saying: The male of the species is hardly the better of the two, with thousands of years of bloody history to prove it.

But lets not bother to go back that far. Simply look around us today, guys. Are we not the silliest most pretentious cocks-on-the-walk day after huffing-and-puffing day? Our absurd love of physical violence begins as ragamuffins playing games….it continues with gladiatorial sports like bone-crushing football …escalates into wars at the drop of an insult.

Come on guys, will we ever grow up? Playing kid games as kids was OK, but kid games with missiles at the ready? This is not national bravery; this is absurd bravado. With tens of millions of lives at risk!

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