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Riding The CTA Can Be Good For Your Health

To be alone in a crowd is just one of a thousand-and-one ironies that populate our little everyday lives. Socrates wrote about it…Gandhi spoke of it….so did Michael Jordan whenever he rode the CTA. On average, so also do 43,000 Chicagoans every month. With the largest numbers of us traveling on lines like King Drive,... Read more »

Lets Get A Grip....The Man Who Now Speaks For America Hardly Understands America

Starting with our entry into WWI in 1917, it has been called the American Century….currently the news media is agog over every hint of a foreign policy shift from the Oval Office… they chase every lead, and speculate what historic policy change may be evolving….but while that’s OK with the 24/7 media, it shouldn’t be... Read more »

Reconsidering The Merits Of The Great American Outhouse

  During the Depression years in Chicago, my grandfather frequently strolled me through our verdant Garfield Park. It first opened in 1874 on the city’s west side, renamed in 1881 in honor of slain President James Garfield. None of that was known to me [and possibly not to Grandfather], but what counted in those strolls... Read more »

Getting Older....? Who Me....?

The only sure sign of life in the cosmos is change. And change, my friend, means aging. No matter your gender, your race, your nationality, your party, you and I are inexorably aging with each inexorable tick of the clock. When you think about it, that’s a good thing. Because the alternative to getting older... Read more »

Spoiler Alert On The Bridge From Here To Eternity

If life is like a movie whose surprises you don’t want to know upfront, that’s fine. For you young parents, this is a spoiler-alert. Don’t read any further, because there’s one plot-twist up ahead that may rock you. If you’re still with me, lets put that into context. Remember the joke about the 16-year-old who,... Read more »

The Great American Icon ~ The Girl Next Door

America cheerfully lives with a great many passions. There’s our love of freedom towering in the Statue of Liberty, our passion for individualism riding the range in the Old West, our zeal for success reflected in our great glass cities. But no American passion is more iconic than the “girl next door.” The fresh-scrubbed, all-American... Read more »

Everyone Wants Power. Lets Re-Consider What It Means

OK, lets say life is a complicated excursions through time and space for which we all try to find a handy metaphor. Maybe a gift…a mystery…a journey…a bridge. For some, maybe, a curse. But here’s the thing. Regardless the metaphor, we all want to live it with enough power at our disposal to get through... Read more »

Old Movie Houses Never Die; They Just Fade Away

Nations are usually judged by their cities. Cities, in turn, by their public buildings. In Chicago these surely include our movie theaters, for movies have become the art of our age. But please, there are movie theaters, and then there are not. In the “not” category find today’s cineplexes who offer a network of sterile... Read more »

Murmurings From Our Grumpy Old Park Benches

I’ve been reading the Tribune’s editorial pages now for almost 75 years. Including its New Deal agonies….Isolationist days…Cold War warnings….right through its current Nixon-to-Trump timeline. This can help a reader sense patterns. One we proverbial grumpy-old-men talk about on our proverbial-old-park-benches is the number of commentaries from enlightened but impatient young women.   If we’re counting right,... Read more »

Ladies ~ A Secret My Fellow Males Hate To Hear

In today’s terms what I am about to tell you would be called a conspiracy theory. However, l assure you it’s not just a theory. Somewhere in the unrecorded history of humanity, the guys took over from the gals; and they’ve been hanging on to their ill-gotten gains ever since. No one exactly knows when... Read more »