Make-Believe Has Gone Big Time; Please Don't Say You Haven't Noticed

The great secret to DaVinci’s “Last Supper” masterpiece is no longer so secret…experts have dissected the use of the wall, the paints, the seating, and even Dan Brown’s tale of dark hidden meanings….maybe the secret here is really obvious: Whoever best portrays the subject, owns the subject…put another way: without any cameras 500 years ago, DaVinci could create the Creator in DaVinci’s own image & likeness…very much like Ken Burns has done with the Roosevelt’s and National Parks  in his PBS series….to extrapolate, every successful  agent has done the same with every one of their Washington and Hollywood clients.

Does that mean reality is manufactured?…in today’s multi-media, photo-shopping age, of course it does….who to blame…? probably our own splendidly gullible selves…..good to remember in such a busy marketplace of fame and fortune, Caveat Emptor

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