If You Had Overslept This Morning, What Would You Have Missed....?

In the largest context, you would have missed some history. But lets be more personal.

To your loss, you would have missed the first purple-orange break of day; to your gain, the noise of rise-and-shine power mowers. Now extend this what-if to other days of your life when missing that commuter train saved you a collision or missing that appointment meant you would instead meet that day the one you eventually married.

What if Gore not Bush had won in 2000? What if Oswald’s bullet had missed Kennedy or Booth’s had missed Lincoln? What if Napoleon had won not lost at Waterloo or Columbus had landed in South America not North?

While you toy with these cosmic questions, think smaller. What if NBC had turned down “Sienfeld” or MGM had cast wannabe Lana Turner not Vivian Leigh as Scarlett? I won’t even venture to speculate what would have happened to me without Joan.

OK, but is there any good reason for toying with this old what-if inquiry? Only this. Asking it can make of you either a fatalist or an opportunist. Fatalist if you throw up your hands and shrug: “What can I do…!” An opportunist if you throw back your shoulders and turn that sentence into a question.

Say, starting with next year’s Congressional elections…..

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