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Hey Babe! If Only Eve Could See You Now

Lets face it. Eve got a bad rap in the Bible. But then the Bible was written almost exclusively by men. After centuries of bondage — at first kept barefoot-and-pregnant, then later kept on powerless-pedestals — the women in the 19th C West started to say enough. By the 21st C, kitchens have emptied and... Read more »

Wait A Minute! Which Baby Are You Throwing Out With The Bathwater

Lets admit it. In America being cynical is cool. Cynical like Bogart in “Casablanca.” Like Clint Eastwood, Simon Cowell, Donald Trump. Cynicism plays well in bars, parties, even in some early relationships. The cynic holds enormous power, for he or she never has to reveal themself. They can scoff at their world without ever exposing... Read more »

The Future Waits As We Wait At The 75th St Corridor

If you live in Metropolitan Chicago, picture the stretch of railroad known as the 75th Street Corridor on the city’s south side. Now hold that image while we consider its international importance far far beyond its trains, tracks and local residents. We’ll come back to it… If it’s true all politics are local, the same may... Read more »

Sometimes The Best Performers Are The Worst People

Nothing wrong with good people in our lives, but good people often make poor performers. Or to invert that, some of the greatest stars in show business and in history have been bastards backstage. Although the backstage cast and crew may consider the star a thoroughly despicable human being, their performances may excel. Documented examples?... Read more »

Sure, Live-Your-Dream! But What About Your Myths?

There have always been myths about our nation. Not necessarily lies, but rather collective beliefs which can help explain and energize us. Take some of our favorite myths,usually from the Old West. The myth of the rugged, tall-in-the-saddle loner [Wayne & Eastwood play the roles to perfection]…the myth we are a good and peace-loving people... Read more »

If You Had Overslept This Morning, What Would You Have Missed....?

In the largest context, you would have missed some history. But lets be more personal. To your loss, you would have missed the first purple-orange break of day; to your gain, the noise of rise-and-shine power mowers. Now extend this what-if to other days of your life when missing that commuter train saved you a... Read more »

In The Sixties You Couldn't Trust Anyone Over 30. Now How Do You Feel?

Time is a peculiar thing. To Einstein it’s relative. To Christians it leads to eternity. To lovers, they can’t get enough of it. To elders. they’d like to get more of it. To children, well to children, time is forever. Museums, on the other hand, look at time differently. They exist to capture it, display... Read more »

Reality TV Not For You? Come On, You Know You Do

UFOs…apparitions…Atlantis…angels dancing on the head of a pin. Are any of these real? There’s a question which insists on a question for an answer: What is reality? Now here’s a handy working definition. There is physical reality (seeable, touchable, smellable), metaphysical reality (that which is not physical yet still believable), and everything in between (the... Read more »

Cursive Writing On Death Row

As of this year, hundreds of schools have discontinued teaching cursive writing. Soon it will be thousands. Eventually most. We are told the computer keypad is making cursive writing irrelevant. I sigh…. When it comes to cliches about our encroaching computers, Pablo Picasso says it well: “Computers are useless. They can only give you answers.” Whatever one thinks about... Read more »

When U2, Bruce & The Beach Boys Met Tony Bennett

Quick — what’s the difference between a rock concert and an English class? Two cultures separated by a common language! U2, Bruce Springsteen, and the Beach Boys fill concert halls with exquisite English lyrics. Although their exquisiteness is often lost in the pounding surround-sound experience of lights, smoke, and beat. Nothing wrong with that. Good... Read more »