Wait Minute! Are You Being Counter-Intuitive?

This phrase counter-intuitive is sometimes used as if acting intuitively needs to be corrected. As if depending on your intuition is probably a hasty mistake.

At first blush that sounds about right. Especially in an age which is as splendidly fact-based as our is. In humanity’s yin and yang between fact and intuition, the 21st C has made it clear the former is the winner. In this time of staggering technical sophistication, you don’t send shuttles to Mars, teams to playing fields, or kids to schools without some exact set of facts and stats. The hunch is as outdated as the outhouse.

And yet…

We continue to hear physicists, managers and teachers resurrect the hunch when they run out of facts and stats to explain what just happened. The latest example being the election of  the most unqualified candidate in the history of the presidency.

What we seem to have here is a yin and a yang still wrestling for a conclusion.

Here’s the point. Lately, even fact-based researchers are admitting that strictly following the facts may not be the best route after all. It is often those people who reject the facts — who say to themselves I-don’t-accept-things-the-way-they-are — who are the scientists and artists and leaders who leap the farthest. Jump the highest. Achieve the most.

Like another dreamer Robert Kennedy once said: “Some people ask why? I ask why not!” My hunch is that’s still a pretty good line to close with….

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