The Magic Of The Mind

To be understood…to be appreciated…to be indispensable.

Are those too much to want? Well yes, they probably are. Yet it’s probably what each of us secretly wants. However, here’s the irony. All too often we fail with the very people closest to us [family, job, event]; and yet can often succeed with people we’ve never even met.

Take the everyday workers and companions in my life. So very close, and yet often so very far. Like you, I’m never quite sure they understand what I just told them, grasp the feelings behind the words, are really one with me in the moment. Call it a sense of disconnect.

And yet how often can I listen to and connect with say a Mozart or a Gershwin. People I have never met, yet somehow their music travels across the long years and miles in ways so intimate, they can leave me more emotionally connected with them than with my daily peers. Somehow from their distant brains comes their distant musical thoughts into my present brain and my musical needs. It’s a remarkable feat that goes far beyond the sciences of sound or engineering.

No surprise — connectivity is more than a matter of proximity. Ask any archaeologist digging in the sands of Egypt and the hills of Machu Pichu. Or just ask me any night I’m in touch with Mozart and Gershwin.


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