Keep Me Safe...Just Don't Tell Me How You Do It

Right now, more people are on the move than at any other time in history since the end of WWII…the UN estimates 60 million refugees have been driven from their home…such a staggering shift in humanity contributes to our startling sense of flux.

Human nature intuitively prefers stability, not flux. Even the would-be change agents who preach passion in public, predictably retreat to passivity in private. But since we must live in public, we are fated to feel this flux. It may explain how we seem willing to accept government surveillance and censorship if only it can promise us some safety and stability.

Congress released a 6700 page report on CIA abuses during the nation’s post 9/11 surveillance programs, but really now, who is going to be concerned with morality when one’s security is at stake? It’s like on a dark street asking for an ACLU lawyer instead of a cop.

All of which may be why Americans after 9/11 have — in perfect Orwellian prediction — become more willing to believe we are living in a vast state of carnage. Panicky headlines, demagogic rallies, and daily street violence have generated a powerfully lopsided perception of our times. If statistics mean anything, they will report we are actually living in the best of historic times — be it fewer wars, epidemics, early deaths and physical dangers in any 24-hour day.

But lets be clear. Statistics are bloodless things, and they offer little comfort in the clutch. Like the insecure passenger being reminded more people die from lightening strikes than from airline disasters.

It comes down to this. In contrast say to the Watergate revelations, so far not one Surveillance official has been indicted. Maybe the people are really saying:”Keep me safe, just don’t tell me how you do it! Some politicians hear that loud and clear….

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