Garrison Keillor's Trib Piece Nails Trump In All His Garish Emptiness

A tip of my bloodied Hillary campaign hat to Tribune columnist and Midwestern sage, Garrison Keillor. In his patented style of slicing through journalistic pretensions, his Wednesday commentary really put the man in the Oval Office into context for me: “Aging New York playboy.”

I’ve been wrestling with serious-sounding punditry interpretations like  Alt-Right, Anti-globalist, Bannonite, and Nativist. All along I was missing the point. This is no political or ideological heavyweight. This is a celebrity who always has and probably always will live on the glittery surface of things. Just like you said, Garrison, this melodramatic international phenomenon is no more but no less than aging New York playboy. You know, the kind you would tell your daughter to be careful of, your son to not invest with, and your priest to pray for.

Traditionally Americans have had mixed feelings about aging New York playboys. We sorta envy, but mostly loath. Why? As Keillor suggests, because for them life is what it can do for you, not what you can do for it. Put a playboy like that into power, and there are no scenarios too unlikely to imagine. In fact, the more unlikely, the more likely…. 

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