Behold The Truth Of The Critic And The Criticized

As a teacher I have always resented the old slam: “those who can, do; those who can’t, teach.” Why? Because it’s cheap shot. It arrogantly presumes the nattering critics in the stands know how to play the game better.

But here’s what’s been happening lately. The critics in America have grown into the thousands, nattering in the box seats of virtually every field of endeavor. There are the near-sighted sports writers pronouncing judgment on every play …the vapid theater reviewers speaking polysyllabic wisdom after every curtain …. the ego-blown pundits giving advice to one another in their Sunday morning TV interviews…and of course the university professors who get to pen their worldview in editions of the New York Times.

But have you noticed? Not one of these professional critics has a single iota of responsibility for the actions being taken down there in the sweaty arena of the real action. This is not to say critics don’t have the right to slam the players, but it is to say they have the obligation to know more than simply how to make the players look foolish.

Their’s is perhaps a small talent they first acquired when taunting their playmates with: “I bet my father can beat your father.”


….in a nation in which the First Amendment remains our most distinguishable asset, the truly worthy do not cringe from criticism with childish yelps of “fake news.” They stand in the arena, fully armored and ready to let their truth prevail before the world.

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