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Life's 100 Greatest Mysteries

In a recent National Geographic, they featured what they considered our 100 greatest mysteries. That may not be a conversation starter with the drinker next to you, but it’s worth a try. Who doesn’t love a mystery? The editors made some intriguing choices: How Did The Universe Begin… How Will It End…How Did They Build... Read more »

What A Daley Can Teach A Trump In A Clutch

If you ever met one of our city’s two Mayor Daley’s, you would always count to see if you still had all 10 fingers after shaking their friendly hands. It’s just sorta what any experienced Chicagoan does. Our last Mayor Daley [Richie] was once asked about some of the corrupt transactions that came down during... Read more »

Life's Longest Distance ~ Between The Head & The Heart

If the title here sounds like a line from out of a CSI episode, you’re wrong. It’s a fact from out of this mystery you and I call: Me. The head and the heart are all part of the same anatomy, the same me, the same you. However! The head is where our cognitive self... Read more »

What Happens To WE In Our Age Of ME....?

For most of the time our species has walked the earth, the sight of our own image was a startling one….seeing it in a pool of water or later in a mirror, many of us actually feared it…now, a few hundred million years later, we no longer fear it, we love it…what’s more we want... Read more »

Behold The Truth Of The Critic And The Criticized

As a teacher I have always resented the old slam: “those who can, do; those who can’t, teach.” Why? Because it’s cheap shot. It arrogantly presumes the nattering critics in the stands know how to play the game better. But here’s what’s been happening lately. The critics in America have grown into the thousands, nattering... Read more »

It's Summer And Now It Begins

And now it begins. Summertime, kids, and ice cream. These upcoming, everyday street scenes in Chicago were hardly everyday scenes among our early generations. Ice cream back then was only fit-for-kings.To be more specific, King Louis XIV of France was the first to serve this tongue-teasing concoction of cream, sugar and flavors in his 17th C... Read more »

Whoops, My Venus Is Showing Through My Mars

By now you’ve learned the same irrevocable truth I have — when the pendulum of history swings far enough in one direction, it is bound to swing back just as hard in the opposite. To date, here’s the deal with that pendulum. Venus has been having a string of smashing victories with some of those... Read more »

What Is The Last Time You Looked At Your Parents

  The Ancient Greek tragedians and later Freud had this thing about parents, especially the mother. She may be the fountainhead of your life, but she may also be the source of your neuroses. As for the father, well, his plague upon you is usually one of two calamities. Either he’s an absent father; or... Read more »

A Salute To America's Unseen

We live in an age of cameras. There are all kinds in all kinds of places, capturing the spectacle of all the latest crimes, campus shootings, hostage crises, and terrorist attacks. And yet there are no cameras that capture the calm heroics of the round-the-clock 911 operators who respond to such events. They are the... Read more »

Imagine A June Without Dads And Grads

June is traditionally the month for graduates and for fathers. What do they have in common? At first glance, not much. But take a second look. Each is under a similar kind of scrutiny these days. Today’s graduates are expected to produce great new things in this age of great new technologies which are presenting... Read more »