The World Is Made Up Of Stories Not Atoms

If you’re like me, you may tire of all the fuss over Hadron Colliders and Hubble Telescopes. I mean sure our universe is a vast complexity of atoms and stars, however there are times they can distract us from what really counts. And I say what really counts at the end of the day are our stories.

If that sounds overly romantic, so be it. You see, I’ve never met a person who found a physics textbook more personally fulfilling than say a love letter. You and I were made to be appreciated, valued, and if really lucky to be loved.

OK, if you agree stories are what makes our world go round, where’s the best place to find them?

At one time the answer was simple — your morning newspaper. But these days there are literally hundreds of news sources, most of them exploding out of your desk-top or palm-held screens. And notice, the vast majority — be they from professional journalist sources or from far-from-professional bloggers — they are saturated with what has been scrapped off the bottom of the day’s food chain. Terrorists, gangs, hustlers, rapists, and assorted white-collar hoodlums. Just maybe too much of a good thing like the Internet turns out to be a bad thing.

I may remember this incorrectly, but it seems to me when the morning editions were our only source of the day’s news stories, we had the psychological luxury of turning the pages with a comforting cup of coffee in hand, while still in the protective folds of our bathrobe. Today, however, the news assaults us in full living color, sound and fury. Whether I’m ready for it or not. It’s like living throughout your day inside a giant moving bubble of information.

Now if this is what they mean by the Information Age, alright I’m impressed. However, perhaps my brain simply can’t process so much, so fast, so everywhere I go. Just maybe there’s still a place for the old morning newspaper after all…….

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