That Empty Feeling Even While In A Crowd......You Too?

We’re born with an empty place in our souls. When we’re very young, the emptiness is very large, because in our innocence we want the whole world. As we age the place usually gets smaller. More specific. We focus on such passions as career, family, success, and eventually health.

Whatever our age and whatever the size of this emptiness, it tends to stay with us. It’s a largely unspoken sense of incompleteness, accompanied by an equally unspoken hope for filling it.

And so billions of souls are born and age and die without ever really understanding this hole-in-their-soul. It stubbornly lingers through life, despite any accumulated wealth and glories, like it did up to the very last moment when Citizen Kane longingly ached for “Rosebud” to fill it.

St Augustine was among those who not only understood this ache, he articulated it: “Lord, you have made us for yourself, and our hearts are restless until they rest in Thee.”

The difference?

Kane WAITS a lifetime to discover his plight; Augustine LIVES a lifetime to overcome his plight. Two men, two choices. We are left to seize the better of the two. If we dare….

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