If You're Under 50, You May Be This Elder's Best Chance

My problem is endemic to all us elders [by the way I define elder as anywhere between 50 and death]. Our problem is often the sheer boredom of having-been-there-done-that so so many times. Let me give you an example: Modern movies and television.

Right now both are rolling out their newest offerings by way of summer blockbusters and fall previews. But what may look new and over-the-top to you has an old and over-done feel to us. It’s not exactly to your credit that life comes at you fresh and fun; but neither is it our fault that it come at us already sliced and diced.

Now here’s the point to my plea. Only those of you under 50 may be equipped to save those of us over that age from withering on the media vine from sheer, screaming boredom. My plea comes down to this. Can you, for heaven’s sake, help my aging gray cells re-discover what is new and fresh about these same re-constituted faces and plots on the screens….?

I mean, this season it seems more true than ever that there is nothing-new-under-the-sun. Looks like more of the same testosterone as in the Kinnear, Kutcher, Cruise, Downey and Willis action heroes. Same hormones as in the Aniston, Diaz and Hawthaway . The same voices on Idol, The Voice and assorted other audience-charged contests. The same blockbuster Star Treks, Vampires and assorted other creature-features at our summer cineplexes.

It’s been said: A mind is a terrible thing to waste. Can you help save mine — and my generation’s — as we hesitantly enter another season of the same-old-same old? Alright, I know what you’re going to say. The problem is not the media, it’s me. But I suspect you can say that only because you’re too young to know any better….

… and in all honesty, how I wish I were still that young and didn’t know any better.

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