If You're Under 30 There's Good News And Bad

A lot of people are apoplectic about Fed surveillance and profiling. Personally I haven’t got enough secrets to worry one way or another. If you’re under 30, neither do you. That’s because you haven’t had enough time to do too many stupid things. Give yourself a little more time.

What makes this good news is you’re safely anonymous to the government. However, what may make it bad news is that you are still rather anonymous to yourself. As in that nagging question that often rattles around inside our psyche: “Who is the real me?”

Is it the me I think I am….? Or the me I want people to think I am…? Or the me that people think I am…? If there is someone special in your life, this question is likely to come up. It’s a good question. A serious question. One that beckons the best in us to answer.

For what it’s worth, here’s the answer most philosophers and pundits seem to come up with: “You are each of those me’s, each at different times in your life.” That’s not having a split personality. It’s more like a diamond with dozens of distinct facets, each beheld only when you hold the jewel up in a certain way at certain times. The diamond, you, remains the same even as it is perceived by the world differently from different angles at different times.

Make sense? Try it on for size….

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