Getting Older....? Who Me....!

The only sure sign of life in the cosmos is change. And change, my friend, means aging. No matter your gender, your race, your nationality, your party, you and I are inexorably aging with each inexorable tick of the clock. When you think about it, that’s a good thing. Because the alternative to getting older is….

However, lets re-consider this seemingly neutral word ‘older.’ It is a biological fact, yet one that surely does not simply exist in a medical dictionary. Growing older is a relentless reality. an unstoppable process. a condition that looks us square in the face announcing: I am the first law of the universe.

As it turns out, the law means different things to different people. To infants — it just happens. To children — it’s what you desperately want to happen. To young adults — aging mostly comes down to getting bigger, stronger, ever more indestructible. To older adults — it can be a maturing experience at the same time a distressing one, because now for the fast time you start to hear the tick of the clock more as winding down than winding up.

Finally, old age. Lately everyone from doctors to poets are writing about us. Frankly, that’s because there are now so many of us. A world with an aging population means we are entering a first-time stage in human development that we have never known before. What do we do with all of us? How do our health-care systems meet the challenge? How do our farm systems? How do the Millennial’s who feel we are taking up their room? How does Steven Bannon who wants young bodies for his new Crusades against Islam?

But first, dear God how do I get up and out of this chair?

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