"Draining The Swamp" To Discover Angels Not Alligators

“Swamp,” “Establishment,” “Administrative State.”

Whatever derogatory label we pin on it, a pause…a pause to remember that over the last 100 years it has won two world wars, contained two depressions, created and maintained Social Security & Medicare, while all along keeping the planes in the sky, the drinking water pure, the meat safe, the fires out, the parks working, the schools operating, oh and at the same time keeping most of us from mauling or killing most of the rest of us.

Not an entirely bad record. One that even angels might applaud.

But here’s the rub. Human nature is such that we find it easier to see what’s wrong with “these fools” than noticing what’s right. Day after safe day. And so enter the occasional “Populist” who rises from the masses with the message that he knows their pain and has their redemption.

America — indeed, the world — has witnessed many Populists with many messianic messages. They come, they go, and most often they simply become erratic footnotes. As of 2017, there is yet another of this ilk. Someone who has ascended to the highest office. Therefore is capable of the highest good or bad.

Considering that our “Swamp” has helped hold together a fragile nation in a fractured world while being buffeted by the storms of historic changes….well, considering such a remarkable record, the followers of the latest Populist-Messiah might want to check the pedestal he has built for himself. Check it for the hidden fault-lines of mis-information with which it has been constructed. And while we do, remember that when such pedestals eventually fall, they fall on us….

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