Time To Size Up Those Wrigley Skyboxes Looking Down On Us

There may be some debate between baseball and football fans as to which game is America’s game. However, in Chicago both sports have made emphatic the distinction between “us” and “them.” Loosely defined, us refers to the tens of thousands of us seated out there in the general seating, whereas them refers to those few hundreds who can afford the skybox view of the game.

Now if that sounds like an analogy, you better believe it.

It has to do with the current, though convoluted, idea that while most of us belong in general seating, somehow skyboxer’s can best speak for us. Somehow billionaires are more in touch with what we need during the games, and more equipped by their extraordinary achievements to lead our way there. If there is some scattered “opposition,” say from rooftop owners and local residents, well they are most likely raising phony criticisms that only hinder the season. Lets have less of such distractions.

At Wrigley, general seating prices have jumped. Meanwhile, skyboxes come in an exotic litany of pricey choices such as Suites, Legend Suites, Bleachers Suites, and Left Porches. This is not to begrudge those successful enough to belong up there, but it does beg the question is Wrigley still the people’s park?

Imagine for a moment if the skyboxers’ someday decide the general seater’s are blocking their sight-lines or demonstrating their fan frustrations during the game. Traditionally, those are some of the moments that have made baseball at Wrigley a great American pastime. But dare one wonder if a time will come when the skyboxers’ prefer to extremely vet more of the ticket buyers down there, you know, for unneeded rowdies and such.

As one irritation leads to an other, who is to say those professional critics in the sports booth don’t warrant some more extreme vetting as well. I mean, skyboxers surely want to protect the purity of the game, so phony criticisms might best be screened before they unduly influence future ticket sales and income.

A pause here to leave Wrigley behind for a discerning conclusion…..

As with all analogies, they begin to strain sometimes at the seams of reality. However, analogies can serve their pre-ordained purposes in our lives. They very often grab our sense of the obvious more quickly and surely than even the most literary dissertations. As a life-long Cubs fan of general seating, I think this year I will be watching the skyboxes in between innings….

Image may contain: one or more people, crowd, stadium, baseball and outdoor
Image may contain: one or more people, crowd, stadium, baseball and outdoor

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