There Are 1700 Out & About Waiting For Us Right Now

Pease, a case must be made for our taken-for-granted Chicagoland park benches. Now, before it’s all too terribly late…!

There are more than 1700 out and about, but many without either pride or pedestrian. We so take them for granted. I say enough. In this dense age of Twitter, Text and Social Media, I say it’s time to offer up a lusty cheer for their salvational role in our frantic lives.

Look, it may be empowering to have 24/7 access to a million voices, but at the same time it has to be totally enervating. The eye and the ear may be neurologically equipped to receive all this, but the brain simply can’t process all this. It can’t always filter through the relentless tsunami of raw stimuli hysterically posing as verifiable truth.

What is truth? Ahh, the same essential question that lured the Ancients to deserts, the Medievalists to monasteries, and Thoreau to Walden Pond. You and I…? We have 1700 quiet park benches out there just waiting.

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