The One Sure Way To Know A Liberal From A Conservative

The drones are coming! the drones are coming! Civil rights groups are warning of a camera-centered police state which will hover around us like Big Brother in the dystopian novel “1984.” But when you think about it, we have already voted for just such a state by loudly expecting government to keep us safe at all costs. With every shooting spree or terrorist-attack, the public demands to know how this could happen, and who is to blame.

But notice….! Like someone trapped in their car in a risky city neighborhood at night calls 911 to be helped, we never add: “Be sure to first read them their rights!” Reminiscent of the movie “A Few Good Men,” our rawest instinct is with Jack Nicholson’s feisty marine rather than Tom Cruise’s fastidious lawyer

The point is this. Lawyers & civil rights groups quite properly warn us about protecting our civil liberties from the government. Only not when they or we happen to be the target of some attack on our safety. A Liberal is usually a Conservative who has just been arrested, whereas a Conservative is usually a Liberal who has just been mugged.

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