Mr President, This Is One You Simply Can't Win

I have this theory. It’s about the President’s penchant for watching television. I have to believe that lately he doesn’t like what he sees. Not only news he considers “fake,” but sitcoms he probably considers part of “the opposition.”

I can’t substantiate my theory, but it does seem to track with what we know of President Trump. He portrays himself as a populist, whereas many of these shows portray the elitism of kids in college, in white-collar jobs, or in show business. He admires classic men of strength, whereas many of these shows feature gays, geeks, giggly girls and non-whites. He applauds all things military, whereas few of these casts have ever been in a uniform. And he can’t be happy when the US Census Bureau reports whites in the country will for the first time become a minority by 2050.

Here’s my point. If the President of the United States senses such a disconnect between his values and the values of millions of TV viewers, don’t we have an Irresistible Force [this President’s Clint Eastwood kind of America] running into an Immovable Object [this inexorable shift in our national demographics]?

If History is any guide, and it usually is, I’m betting on the Immovable Object….

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