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An Entirely Flipped Dan Brown Conspiracy

OK, the world is bristling with conspiracies…from terrorists in the Middle East to bikers in Texas to the leaker’s in the West Wing…. actually the word is overworked…but if you MUST have conspiracy in your life, what about the endless stream of History Channel “exposes” of the Bible? Seems like some people there are obsessed... Read more »

What Was Missing At The Oscars & We Need So Badly

There were several historic no-shows at last night’s Oscars. Among them, directors such as Busby Berkley, Victor Fleming, Michael Curtiz and Frank Capra. They couldn’t make it, because they are no longer on this side of that great screen-in-the-sky. Their absence, however, makes a point. Today’s world of entertainment has only a few bankable prophets... Read more »

Time To Size Up Those Wrigley Skyboxes Looking Down On Us

There may be some debate between baseball and football fans as to which game is America’s game. However, in Chicago both sports have made emphatic the distinction between “us” and “them.” Loosely defined, us refers to the tens of thousands of us seated out there in the general seating, whereas them refers to those few... Read more »

What's Happening At New Trier HS Already Did...!

Cliches survive because they are usually authentic. For example, in the current case of the New Trier HS student seminar day, two cliches rush to this mind: “He who fights the future has a dangerous enemy” and “The more things change the more they are the same.” Exactly 50 years ago, the same public furor... Read more »

In A Snake Pit Of Hyped Promises, Could This Be The Real Deal?

Maybe you’ve noticed it too. Everybody in the ads and commercials is smiling…! Nothing wrong with smiling, but I find it disingenuous when all these toothy smiles have been intentionally staged only to convince us this car, or iPad, or pill is what you need and need now. We are being daily mesmerized into believing... Read more »

The Commencement Address You Never Heard Because I Was Never Asked

Thousands of college students just heard hundreds of commencement addresses by speakers famous and wise; and occasionally even both. What is there to say that hasn’t already been said century after century? If I were somehow to be given the privilege, I have had my address written for years. Simple, because it would take less... Read more »

Leaked Plan For President To Fix Chicago Then The World...!

If the President does indeed come to “fix Chicago,” it’s likely he may find a reality here that can help him fix the larger “mess” he sees. He will find simmering here some of the same divisive geopolitics that simmers across the globe. Not with nations, but with neighborhoods. Neighborhoods often unwilling to be a... Read more »

Mr President, This Is One You Simply Can't Win

I have this theory. It’s about the President’s penchant for watching television. I have to believe that lately he doesn’t like what he sees. Not only news he considers “fake,” but sitcoms he probably considers part of “the opposition.” I can’t substantiate my theory, but it does seem to track with what we know of... Read more »

When The Center Collapses From Pressures On The Extremes

What do we do when caught in a Spring thunderstorm…? We look for cover. Usually that means someplace safe away from any extremely exposed places out there. But right now we seem to be living with the astonishing irony of national extremism. Treading extremes wherever we find them. We have extremist candidates pushing both the... Read more »

Now Easing Into Midlife, Can You Dare Remember When Life Was 16?

Just another lunch room…? Hardly, my maturing friend. Close your eyes and recall YOUR old lunch room…remember in school when it was much more than just a place to get a hamburger and fries…. it was often a cosmic battlefield which you and I entered each week day in our private struggle to survive the... Read more »