Were Trump With Custer At Little Big Horn

Numbers matter…put enough numbers together and you get history….but be assured, history is never an enemy you want to make. Yet, “starting right now” our new President could be taking on the tide of 21st C history at precisely the wrong time.

Donald Trump is surely a good man with some good intentions. Few leaders believe themselves to be other than supremely good. However, the best of them first count the numbers around them. To do that here, imagine sitting in a giant camera zooming up for a long shot. Over your city of several million….now over your country of 330 million….and finally over your planet where a billion Muslims are restive and many on the move, a billion Chinese are growing and on the move….another billion or so Africans and South Americans are developing and likewise on the move.

Given this astronaut-view here in January 2017, frankly we are an aging minority among ascending majorities all across the earth. It is brave to stand tall and announce we intend to be great; but in the historical context of the numbers, this announcement’s bravado can also be heard as a kind of Custer’s-Last-Stand.

That good man also had good intentions, as he understood them. However, he too didn’t count the numbers correctly. Had he done so, he might have advanced less boldly, and far more wisely. He might even have paused to negotiate his terms, instead of trying to impose them on a far larger number. In other words, he might have reasoned that on this day and on this field, history was not on his side.

There would be other days and other ways….something he and his good Cavalry did not live to learn

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