That Iceberg Ahead Is Not Fake News

When you and your crew suddenly see a massive iceberg up ahead, chances are it’s too late to outrun it. Or worse yet, to ignore it. If it’s that close, your best course of action is to prepare for its inevitability.

Which brings us to another inevitability now as close as 2050. The US Census Bureau predicts that by that year, US birthrates will make Whites a minority for the first time in our history [49%].

The election of Donald Trump can be understood in many different ways — politically, economically, racially. But demographically, it can be understood as trying to ignore these population facts. Trying to bring back a different America. Trying to deny the inevitable.

Throughout our history there have been many cases of the inevitable. Our remarkable growth across a continent…our generations of material and migrant success….our current rise to superpower status. We have managed each by embracing its inevitability. Right now, like it or not, this is precisely our next great challenge. Resisting its inevitability will be like trying to outrun that iceberg.

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