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The Revolt Of The Billionaires

Our statisticians have taken some big hits lately. They botched the Election….they can’t get everyone to agree on Climate Change….they’re finding push-back to their One Percent argument. And yet this last one may prove to be the most fundamental wound in our Body Politic. At least ever since the Occupy Wall Street protests a few... Read more »

Putin Launches Prostitute War On West

Seems that our new President is not the only leader with a fast-draw-from-the-hip….! In denying that Russian prostitutes were involved with Trump, President Putin had to go one volley further. He insisted, “Our Moscow prostitutes are among the most beautiful in the world.” I’m not sure how that assertion could be legally verified, however it... Read more »

The Continuum

When everything and everyone about you is bitterly divided, can we find and draw upon what unites us….? it is the same continuum of Time on which we all travel….[1] a Past from which we all come [2] a Present which is the Past over and over again [3] a Future in which we will... Read more »

To The Fellow Fearful ~ Science Now Says We Can Dream Our Fears Away

Science never sleeps. At least so it would seem at my Alma Mater, Northwestern University, where dream researchers have demonstrated the power of sleep to eradicate pre-existing fears and phobias. When I read this, I was reminded of Mia Farrow’s glittering definition: “Life is about losing everything, gracefully.” She said this sometime after her broken... Read more »

That Iceberg Ahead Is Not Fake News

When you and your crew suddenly see a massive iceberg up ahead, chances are it’s too late to outrun it. Or worse yet, to ignore it. If it’s that close, your best course of action is to prepare for its inevitability. Which brings us to another inevitability now as close as 2050. The US Census... Read more »

Ever Think It's All Salt & Politics...?

To say someone is “the salt of the earth” is a compliment. And yet, every Winter Chicago assembles scores of trucks and tons of salt for us to walk or drive over. Is that any way to treat a compliment? In some ways this perfectly illustrates the mixed role of salt in our lives. On... Read more »

When Good News From Chicago's Cops Is Actually Bad

Have you ever read a good report that made you feel bad…? the Chicago Police Department recently reported there was not a single murder in four of the city’s communities…no murders is the good news; only four communities is the bad….in a city of millions, only four small outlying neighborhoods [Edison Park, Mount Greenwood, Forest... Read more »

Trump Before Salad At Spiagga

“The answer you’re looking for could be deep in our own national genetic code.” This is what I heard myself saying to my former History students at their recent 50th class reunion. Between Martini’s at Spaggia, they were trying to make sense out of the traumatic post-election split in their own ranks. “Some of us... Read more »

Where Does The Time Go....?

The time doesn’t go anywhere. We do. For now, time is timeless; but you and I are not. This is a reality so real and so relevant that you’d think we would never forget it. But we do. We are always making plans, forgetting the wisdom of the Ancient Greeks who reminded themselves that, “Man... Read more »

America's Newest Sweetheart Ready For Her Closeup, Mr DeMille

America loves its heroes and celebrities. From Daniel Boone and Jesse James right up to Charles Lindbergh and Michael Jordan. But in recent generations we’ve saved our biggest spotlights for the biggest American celebrity of all: Technology! We brag about having the world’s biggest assembly lines….biggest computer banks…biggest oil rigs and space shuttles and power... Read more »