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This Is For Your Next 10PM Weather Forecast

Mark Twain cynically observed, “Climate is what we expect, weather is what we get.” A hundred years later, George Carlin completed the cynicism, “The weather will continue to change on and off for a really long long time.” Americans are obsessed with knowing the weather in advance. In advance of what? Often, nothing more than... Read more »

The Dead American Dream? I Think I Found It At My Front Door

Lately there has been much wringing of hands and hearts about our lost American Dream. Dwindling jobs…dwindling growth…dwindling hope due the obscene division between rich and poor. Where was our vaunted Middle Class? Where was our traditional passion for success? I hardly thought the knock on my front door would be the answer. But it... Read more »

In The Long Run, Only One Wall Works

It didn’t take Trump to tell us these are dangerous times. Roaming street gangs at home, out-of-nowhere terrorists abroad. Dickens said it best: “They were the best of times, they were the worst of times.” Neighborhoods have formed Safety Patrols…airports, security checkpoints…city streets, cameras….homes, registered guns. For many we have become Orwell’s “big brother” society.... Read more »

The Mother Of All The Moot Questions In Your Life

The Mother-Of-All-Moot-Questions has to be this one >> WILL OUR MACHINES SOMEDAY CONTROL US? ….what makes it so moot is that we are already in their control, the creature superseding the creator…it doesn’t require an expensive think tank to verify this premise…all you have to do is work on your computer until that inevitable unannounced... Read more »

The Heart Has A Mind Of Its Own. Glad.

The heart has a mind of its own. This is a law of life most biologists have not heard of….nor studied…nor understood. However I am one of millions who has found it to be as true as the winter solstice, the Christmas holyday, the North Pole’s year-round resident, and all those remarkable once-a -year good... Read more »

Arguably The Most Dynamic 10 Square Miles In America

O’Hare Field cabbies often bet on how long it will take their tourist fares to think their ride has already “reached the city.” No wonder, when just a few minutes out they witness a line of towering glass & steel office buildings, flashing hotels, and thickening traffic. I know the feeling, for I moved here... Read more »

Whoever Owns Memorial Day Owns America

In the years that followed World War II, our Memorial Days saluted our victory over the evil of nationalistic regimes like Nazi Germany and imperial Japan….since then, Memorial Days have morphed into family celebrations….now we are being told it’s time again to salute victory, only this time victory over anyone that seems to be in... Read more »

It Is Not Really Possible To Love Our Parents. Sad

Loving your parents is a sacred given in virtually every society and religion in the world. You and I say we love our parents, and we may even take the time to thankfully tell them so. However, I feel it my sad duty to report such professions of love are really quite impossible. Let me... Read more »

Were Trump With Custer At Little Big Horn

Numbers matter…put enough numbers together and you get history….but be assured, history is never an enemy you want to make. Yet, “starting right now” our new President could be taking on the tide of 21st C history at precisely the wrong time. Donald Trump is surely a good man with some good intentions. Few leaders... Read more »

Faster Than Speed, Further Than Law

It has been said and believed that God made the Cat so we could pet the Tiger….so many objects of great consequence exist just beyond our everyday reach….perhaps this is why God [Nature, if you prefer] made human imagination…therein is an invisible dynamic, part of our every waking and sleeping hours, with which we can... Read more »