In The Long Run, Only One Wall Works

It didn’t take Trump to tell us these are dangerous times. Roaming street gangs at home, out-of-nowhere terrorists abroad. Dickens said it best: “They were the best of times, they were the worst of times.”

Neighborhoods have formed Safety Patrols…airports, security checkpoints…city streets, cameras….homes, registered guns. For many we have become Orwell’s “big brother” society.

But here’s the thing!

Whatever number of protective walls around your life, they are simply the first and most obvious defense. The second and arguably the most powerful is not any wall or weapon outside you. It’s what every wise book and experienced warrior can tell you. It has to be something very deep and strong inside you.

As the greatest warriors remind us: “The hero dies once; the coward a thousand times.” Where do you find such inner courage? That’s when you have to dig deep into your psyche and soul. Be it technical or spiritual or psychological, there is a silent vein of courage in everyone during crisis.

Now is the time to mine it. Cultivate it. Become your shield of truth against both the well-intentioned and malevolent-intentioned hysteria that rises up from the fact-deprived fears of those above and around you. That hysteria and those fears are afoot in the land. It’s been hard-wired into our being since we first walked out of the jungle. We would do well to wall-in our hysterics, and instead step out to tame them.

Now before we’ve forgotten how….

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