Arguably The Most Dynamic 10 Square Miles In America

O’Hare Field cabbies often bet on how long it will take their tourist fares to think their ride has already “reached the city.” No wonder, when just a few minutes out they witness a line of towering glass & steel office buildings, flashing hotels, and thickening traffic. I know the feeling, for I moved here a short 50 years ago when most of this space was still only open fields and scattered houses.

We hear a lot about orbits-of-human energy. The West Wing…the recent Woman’s March…Silicon Valley. One walk through the energy throbbing in this compact few square miles and you are caught up into its instructive orbit. Given the million-plus daily flights overhead coupled with the thousands of office workers and hotel guests below, you quickly understand why hundreds of national conferences and seminars are held each year in its many convention spaces. Events that bring together some of the keenest minds and missions from both corporate and scientific America into these spaces..

I speak with respect of this dynamism, having written for several of these getherings; and before that, having served in the USAF’s 126th Light Bombardment Squadron quietly stationed here during the Korean War; and today, living directly under some of its daily flight paths. There are times when we all experience undefinable connections with the spaces in our lives. This international airport and its surrounding space of Rosemont together constitute a dynamic instrument for change. Not so much political change — that is more the challenge of the vying parties in D.C. — but rather paradigm change. Pushing forward the discovery of our best cognitive and spiritual selves in time to meet an onrushing future.

For here in this young century the old notions of territoriality and ownership, nationalism and patriotism, race and religion are inexorably dying. As Soren Kierkagaard wrote: “He who fights the future has a dangerous enemy.” If there are eyes that can see that future, they will be the eyes of youth. Youth which is always bound to be in conflict with the old authorities. Not unlike the youth of another time and space: The 16th C streets of Galileo.

Right now there exists some of the last angry gasps of another age. An age where bravado and intimidation carried the day. However, if the psychic energy which throbs throughout so many of these conferences and seminars is saying anything, it is saying something like this: “Out of the dreaming past, with its legends of steaming seas and gleaming glaciers, mountains that moved and suns that glared, emerges this creature – man. He is the ancestor of all that is yet to come. Do not regard him lightly, for he is you.” [Don Fabun]

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