Imagining 2017 Like No Other Year In History, But Then.....

Lets be grateful to the Romans for naming next month for the god Janus. He was the deity whose two faces looked backward and forward. Exactly as any traveler on planet Earth should be doing these next few weeks. Looking where have we come from. And especially where are we going.

A quick scan of our past January’s shows a cascade of expectations about where we thought we were going. Some realized; most not. One in particular would surely be the annual hope we elders have for our children and grandchildren. Maybe this is the year, this is the holiday, they can learn what it took us a lifetime to learn. Maybe, like the Ark of the Covenant, there is some sacred stone to hand them with all life’s wisdom’s etched upon it. Maybe..maybe..maybe.

Imagine the possibilities. If found and shared, its lessons would change their lives, change their world, change everything. Perhaps more even than the Bible, the Talmud, and all the words of the Prophet, the Buddha, and Donald Trump combined. A travelogue of human life. A chapter for each stage to make clear what the reader should expect just up ahead.

But if we can assume such a historic discovery, we can also assume an historic problem. While the text in each chapter would be written in a lexicon we elders can understand, our children and grandchildren will not. For them it will read like some ancient language that teases but defies their grasp.

So much for the dream of knowing-beforehand. They, like us, will have only the reality of knowing-afterwards.

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