Hacking Hurts Our Soul As Well As Our Security

As Yahoo, Visa and other tech giants keep reporting massive hack attacks, the news is actually worse than it sounds. The attacks are not only breaching our security, they are breaching our long-held faith in human nature. The optimistic faith that if only people could get closer, the world would become a better place.


For all its benefits, our massive technology-of-connectivity may have more downside than anyone expected. Sure it’s brought us fingertip closer together from wherever and whenever. But at the same time it’s brought entirely new schemes for exploiting and scamming. Getting closer, for some, simply means getting more access to more victims.

Maybe this shouldn’t come as such a surprise. Whenever the world has tried to build on this notion of connectivity, things haven’t quite worked out as planned. Alliances, peace treaties, the League of Nations, the United Nations, this year’s plans for a family Christmas…!

Well, you get the idea.

So a tip of the hat to all our technology gurus. Only one suggestion. Once you’ve helped network so many millions of us together, can you honestly look at yourself in that corporate mirror and say: Job well done

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