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Imagining 2017 Like No Other Year In History, But Then.....

Lets be grateful to the Romans for naming next month for the god Janus. He was the deity whose two faces looked backward and forward. Exactly as any traveler on planet Earth should be doing these next few weeks. Looking where have we come from. And especially where are we going. A quick scan of... Read more »

Confronting 2017'S Bane Of Beauty

Curiosity is embedded in our DNA. Especially here at the start of another new year. We are annually programmed to wonder what our future is about to bring us. At the same time, we would be right to also wonder how we got this far to even have a future. As individuals, as a society,... Read more »

On The Last Night Of The World

Another year in America is wrapping up into another Happy New Year. Yes, as Americans it is our duty to be happy. Despite 2016’s congestion of lingering crises, our national DNA has been programmed for happy sunrises not harrowing sunsets. And yet, the fact is our species has been thinking about sunsets and the end... Read more »

How Andy Frain Killed Santa

How Andy Frain Killed Santa
The Andy Frain ushers at Wrigley Field were a treasured tradition….but that tradition soured one lazy summer day when I met an old schoolmate who was ushering down the third base line….why was this such a sour event, you ask…? well even if you don’t, I’ll tell you…. turns out he was that dirty rotten... Read more »

How The Male Gods Hijacked The Female Goddesses

In today’s terms what I am about to tell you would be called a conspiracy theory. However, l assure you it’s not just a theory. Somewhere in the unrecorded history of humanity, the guys took over from the gals; and they’ve been hanging on to their ill-gotten gains ever since. No one exactly knows when... Read more »

Hacking Hurts Our Soul As Well As Our Security

As Yahoo, Visa and other tech giants keep reporting massive hack attacks, the news is actually worse than it sounds. The attacks are not only breaching our security, they are breaching our long-held faith in human nature. The optimistic faith that if only people could get closer, the world would become a better place. Wrong.... Read more »

Chicago Decembers Win ~ Hands Down Doubters

SPECIAL SALUTE TO DECEMBER Chicago Decembers always arrive in two parts. There is the wonder, but then there is the weather. The wonder glows from its traditional holidays. The weather growls from its traditional overcast. Like most Chicagoan’s, I look forward to the wonder, not the weather. But wait a minute. Our December weather has... Read more »