Salute To The Unseen

We live in an age of cameras. There are all kinds in all places, capturing the spectacle of all the latest campus shootings, hostage crises, and terrorist attacks. And yet there are no cameras that capture the calm heroics of our round-the-clock 911 operators.

These are the emotionless voices we hear as we watch in shock the latest brutality. While the drama unfolding on our screen is both critical and chaotic, their voices remain both steady and sure. There’s something inspiring about that. About them. About all the “them’s” we rarely see in this age of trauma.

Rudyard Kipling had their kind in mind when he wrote, “If you can keep your head when all about you are losing theirs….then you’ll be a man, my son.” A salute worthy of all the first responders in our lives who form that thin blue line between us and the jungle.Jack, write your article in this box.  When you are finished with your article, click on the publish button to the right.  I’ve circled it in red for you.

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