When Your World Boo's You -- And It Will -- How Can You Keep From Crying

Booing leaders is part of democracy. Booing you is part of life. When you were growing up, Mom and Aunts were the ones who probably protected you. But now that you and Ted Cruz are grown up, how do you survive those boos and laughs?

Rejection hurts. Be it your party, your boss, your friends. Two options: Play it hot or play it cool. Hot ,as in retaliation [“Ever notice how stupid & ugly you are?”]. Cool, as in killing them with confidence [“I appreciate your opinions.”]

It’s like the difference between a Trump and a Pence, a Clint Eastwood and a Ron Howard, someone sure of himself and someone secretly oh so unsure.

The spotlight of history is always on the rich and powerful. But know that you and they suffer the very same dreams and fears Mom could always protect and deflect.

What you have to do is remember how….

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