Um...About Those Dreams You're Going To Have Tonight

I don’t mean to infringe upon you privacy this evening, but I already know what and who you will be dreaming about…!

Oh, maybe not by exact names and locations, but by the categories of nighttime realities we usually visit. For statistical example, tonight you are likely to visit (1) distant relatives or once upon a time friends (2) rivals or competitors in your work world (3) long ago school mates, teachers or lovers you will recall with mixed emotions.

In true Freudian fashion, these shadowy visits will likely disguise the actual people and locations, they will usually be in black & white, and they will often leave you frustrated because you can’t quite reach or do what you’re trying to.

But not to worry. Several billion other bedtimes around the world will be likewise thrashing through the night in a mix of mysterious encounters-of-the-second-kind. In some inexplicable way, you are about to walk in the misty midst of this nightly legion.

When you awake, you may not remember much or anything of your journey, but don’t worry. You’ll be back there soon again. This time, take notes…!

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