Uh Oh, Just When We Thought It Was Safe To Go Back Into The Classroom, Here Comes A New Kind Of Tension

You’ve heard of “sexual tension” in the movies..? Well, now there’s something called “generational tension” in the classrooms

The first is the tension between the two genders, male & female. The second is the tension between the two generations, teacher & student. Put simply, there is a built-in gap between what the teachers know and what the students know.

Rolling Stones Magazine listed some of the things the Millennial Generation knows virtually nothing about. Like Kit Carson, George Patton, Joe DiMaggio, Calvin Klein, Mikhail Gorbachev, Joe McCarthy, hunger strikes, developing film, chores, patience, silence, and the word No.

So when our kids and our teachers meet this Fall, that gap is part of the story, be it in math, science, or especially history. This is not to say the students in our town are ignorant — actually they’re better informed than we were at their age — only their information is not what ours was. Enter the ancient teacher advice: Know not only what you’re teaching, but who you’re teaching.

If you, like me, privately hope some of today’s bright young Millennials come to share some of what we once held dear from an earlier America, best not to TELL them. If those earlier values — from Fourth of July oratory, to Norman Rockwell paintings, to MGM movies where right usually overcomes wrong — were as authentic as our generation believed, then it would be best to have the children DISCOVER it for themselves.

For instance the way some of them have discovered lately the inherent worth of marriage, family, and flag; oh, and such remarkable things as stay-at-home-moms and family-dinners. Just for goodness sake don’t let Millennials know these aren’t new, because they tend to believe the world first began the day they were born….

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