There's A Rosebud In Your Life Just Waiting To Be Remembered

I met Orson Welles three fortunate times …my first was in his classic “Citizen Kane”…second, was when he was asked to narrate a documentary I had written…third, was at a wake where the widow of a cherished boyhood friend explained how Jimmy had his very own “Rosebud” moment just before he closed his eyes….. he longingly recalled the safety and joy of his boyhood in our old westside Chicago neighborhood of sturdy oaks & elms, even sturdier families & neighbors, along with churches & lemonade stands…she told me at the end he whispered: “Those days were the last time I remember falling asleep every night knowing my world would still be the same in the morning”…it brought a satisfied smile to his face….Emily squeezed my hand, “I understood him and his smile”…I squeezed back, because Jimmy and I had shared the same Rosebud for years.

Yours?…just let your mind wander back a little…it’s there

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