The Three Dark Secrets To Today's News Junkie

To start, lets define our terms. Following the news is a fairly normal habit. However, there isn’t much normal about a professional news junkie.They obsess 24/7 switching from CNN to MSNBC to Fox.

Why this frenetic obsession…?

* First, they sense how really small they are squeezing their small, insignificant way through this large, complex world. Watching it unfold right before your eager eyes is one visceral way of feeling a part of it all. There’s a rush to being at the center of things

* Second, to see and know before most of your peers is to be the one who can jump-start the conversation, and play the Smart
Card. There’s a rush to feeling the power of being so smart

* Third, the news junkie is often a junkie not because of the actual
content, but rather the actual mute button. Think of it. There you sit engulfed in the sights and sounds of the entire world, along with the studied voices of the ever-present commentators. But you, my friend, you can turn them all off and with the itchy twitch of your little finger. Now that is the supreme rush.

So there it is, the secret life of the 21st C news junkie. If you know one, don’t tell them you’re in on their secret. If you are one, well good luck trying to break the habit….

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