The Captain Of The Titanic Didn't Have A Choice About Who To Save ~ But Just Maybe In Today's Sinking Ship, We Do

When the Titanic began to sink, the captain had limited control over who survived…reading the ship’s manifest, we can identify four general categories: Rich, Poor, Caucasian, non Caucasian… we know whose survival rate was the greatest.

Today the passengers on the seriously listing US ship-of-state can be sub-divided another way: the 1% who hold most of the wealth, the educated who live in a socio-economic world of class and culture, the new elite who have mastered the instruments of technology, the angry racial and ecnomic malcontents who have been left behind.

Given this passenger list, who best to save for the further survival of a nation in peril…like the captain of the 1912 Titanic, we can’t save everyone…however, today’s captains now have the capacity to actually pre-select who will live into our future… how? consider some of the controversial methods available, such as genetic engineering, population control, public healthcare planning, not to mention the everyday hospital decisions quietly made at deathbed

No, you won’t find any written user manuals for these…. yet…but in our days of algorithms and supercomputers, what the mind of man [both good and not so good] can imagine, can also be achieved.

Cue Rod Serling….!

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