I Want To Hide Under My Covers Every New Morning

Sure it’s ugly and scary out there. And sure the world won’t miss me for just one day. But damn it, I know better and wish I didn’t.

How much easier to stop pretending I am fully adult, fully informed, and fully ready to do my little something in restoring some semblance of unity around me. But…

…but nothing! The key word in all this is “unity.” Unity was the prickly problem the Founding Fathers had to deal with back when we were only 13 little states, and only a few million citizens. Now? Now we are exactly what we said we wanted to be — a united Lady Liberty of 330 million souls from every nation, race and religion.

So here’s the deal.

It took only a few generations to run into a bloody Civil War among our not-so-united selves. We got through that one. But now a few short generations later we’re facing another civil breakdown.

Anything this big, this complicated, this noble as the United States of America is bound to periodically strain at the seams. But god love him, Lincoln stitched it up at Gettysburg: “We are engaged in a great struggle testing whether this nation or any nation so conceived and so dedicated can long endure…”

The test goes on. We passed it before. Now the whole Western World is depending on us stitching ourselves up again. Which means, I better get up and do what I can. Because there may not be any more tests if we can’t pass this one.

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