Harvard Study Today Just About Nails the Coffin Shut On Any Real Race Solution

The July 14 New York Times splashes it it all over their front page. Surely no cheap tabloid, the great Grey Lady reports that a recent study at Harvard surprised even its presenters.

Police lethal force does NOT single out Blacks more than Whites. It is just the other way around. True, officers do confront and challenge Blacks more than Whites…

…but when it comes to lethal force [shootings & killings] there are far more White victims!

Behold proof once again that Perception-Is-Reality. There is damn little chance that any Black Lives Matter crowd will ever believe let along accept this fact.


Here is grim evidence that our yawning racial divide will not be resolved by just the facts. Americans — like all flawed humans — operate on their deepest feelings, not their best facts.

And THERE is the only, but the hardest place, to reach. Anyone out there…? Please!

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