Feminism In An Age Of Trump & Gaydar

By now most of the nation’s ego-inflated boy-men realize their John Waynedom is no longer in vogue. Brawn and biceps no longer dazzle the more enlightened female of the species.

This realization may be why so many boy-men — be they nail-biting Hardhats or sleek Three-Piece-Suiters — like the Donald. The guy looks tough…seems like he can keep Russia and women in their place….and most of all represents the return to the throne of real men.

And yet…

Some of these re-ignited boy-men harbor another threat. The attractive, articulate gay man in their midst. No longer marginalized nor easy to laugh off, today’s cool gay man has a sex appeal the good-ol-boys woefully lack.

That’s right — the gay man can be a great companion and legitimate soulmate even without the sex!

Psychologists and informed males have learned that in today’s world of ambitious women, sex competes with safety. Today’s women prefer sex without the danger of brutish behaviors. And so many have de-compartmentalized the way they can have one without the other.

Watching the brutes in the Bleachers and at the Bars, it isn’t hard to see why so many women prefer the company of the attractive gay men in the crowd. They usually have class, taste and a wicked
sense of humor about themselves and the wicked world in which we all live.

So while rich brutes like Donald Trump seem in charge, smart women have discovered yet another Alternative in this age of Alternatives….

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