If Political Passion Is This Year's Key To The Oval Office, Who Has It?

In following the Tribune editorial page these last few weeks, I see a recurring theme tucked inside them. Which, I think, is what a good editorial staff can provide its readers.

I think you’re suggesting this election will spin on the underlying theme of passion. The egocentric passion of Donald Trump, the economic passion of Bernie Sanders, and the debate over how much passion Hillary can bring to the scene.

There is, however. a parallax theme. In stubborn contrast to the
flags of passion, there is the feeling of paralysis. That feeling of cynical resignation that motivates millions of voters to shrug: “Been here, done this.”

My barber caught this cynicism and sighed it into words: “No matter who wins, the next day I’ll still be cutting the same hair in the same shop in the same way….”

In the short run of our currently dysfunctional democracy, I couldn’t argue with him. In the long run, he could be historically wrong. Because with or without passion, these candidates will take us into starkly different directions. One will fold our flags abroad, and close our doors at home. The other will stay the current course.

Sorry to say, my barber and millions of Undecided’s as yet still don’t care. But there are several revealing debates coming, and there is a clock ticking..

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