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If Political Passion Is This Year's Key To The Oval Office, Who Has It?

In following the Tribune editorial page these last few weeks, I see a recurring theme tucked inside them. Which, I think, is what a good editorial staff can provide its readers. I think you’re suggesting this election will spin on the underlying theme of passion. The egocentric passion of Donald Trump, the economic passion of... Read more »

Um...About Those Dreams You're Going To Have Tonight

I don’t mean to infringe upon you privacy this evening, but I already know what and who you will be dreaming about…! Oh, maybe not by exact names and locations, but by the categories of nighttime realities we usually visit. For statistical example, tonight you are likely to visit (1) distant relatives or once upon... Read more »

So Where Do You Take An Atheist After The Sistine Chapel

Not trying to start a fight here, but this probably will. You see, this is the dilemma for the Tour Guides. After a tourist who doesn’t accept the idea of a God ohh’s and ahh’s in this sacred place dedicated to that God, there really isn’t much more to show them that might change their... Read more »

Your Second Line Of Defense Against A Dangerous City And An Unpredictable World

It didn’t take Trump’s acceptance speech to fell us these are dangerous times. Roaming street gangs at home, out-of-nowhere terrorists abroad. Dickens said it best: “They were the best of times, they were the worst of times…” Neighborhoods have formed Safety Patrols…airports, security checkpoints…city streets, cameras….homes, registered guns. For many we have become Orwell’s “big... Read more »

So You Think The More Cameras Out There The More We Will Know The Real Story? Think Again!

There are now cameras everywhere…how can anyone from NFL players to CEOs to candidates ever again assume they are not “on the record?”…but that is not the end of the tale, only the beginning…for you see, cameras will never be objective as long as they are operated by people with agendas . From the local... Read more »

When Your World Boo's You -- And It Will -- How Can You Keep From Crying

Booing leaders is part of democracy. Booing you is part of life. When you were growing up, Mom and Aunts were the ones who probably protected you. But now that you and Ted Cruz are grown up, how do you survive those boos and laughs? Rejection hurts. Be it your party, your boss, your friends.... Read more »

How I Discovered God In My Morning Coffee

So there I was, grinding my morning coffee beans. Their deep brown color, their aromatic fragrance, their tongue tingling taste. Why I wondered do I like coffee so much. Why indeed do billions of us. Every day, every hour, every country. I suppose it’s not an especially crucial question. And yet could it be, as... Read more »

What Do You Do, Friends, When Being "All-We-Can-Be" Isn't All That Much?

How is it that a rogue candidate, the Housewives-of-New-Jersey, and ISIS can get equal headline attention…? How is it that you and I and the media are so improbably fickle…? Lets start with the cold hard answer — human nature is painfully flawed. Theologically, genetically, socially. When the West replaced aristocracy with democracy, unfortunately the... Read more »

Feminism In An Age Of Trump & Gaydar

By now most of the nation’s ego-inflated boy-men realize their John Waynedom is no longer in vogue. Brawn and biceps no longer dazzle the more enlightened female of the species. This realization may be why so many boy-men — be they nail-biting Hardhats or sleek Three-Piece-Suiters — like the Donald. The guy looks tough…seems like... Read more »

Gentlemen, Now That Summer Is Here, We Can Learn A Lot From The Bikini's

With the arrival of Summer, this Chicagoan can’t help but feel that same two-tipped tingling. First, the little thrill that believes in the poet’s words: “Summer is what life ought to be;” but second, the even larger twinge that rewinds the mind to those haunting old Charles Atlas ads: “Don’t be the 98-pound weakling on... Read more »