The Five Most Important Words In Your Life

Let the record show that all stories are true, and some even happened. This is a story to remember to your grave.

An ancient emperor asked his wise men to provide him with the one great truth that could guide him through the rest of his life. He gave them a year. After they studied the world’s great books and traveled the world’s great kingdoms, they returned with their answer:

“And this too shall pass…”

Time, then, is the heart of the matter. During the good times, be prepared for them eventually to end; but rest assured during the bad times, they too shall end.

The emperor had expected something more exotic and complex. Yet the more he reflected, the more he understood. Time happens to everyone, but those who know how to anticipate its twists and turns are the ones who survive it best.

This is why every adviser in history has probably counseled their boss to “wait out” the public outcry whenever they get caught in a mistake. The public is fickle and will quickly find another piece of raw meat to frenzy over. It’s worked for the likes of Martha Stewart to Michael Vick. It hasn’t for the likes of Mel Gibson or Johnathan Edwards. Right now it’s being tested by Alex Baldwin and Roger Goodell.

Now here’s the question. How good or bad are things going for you right about now…? You don’t have to be an emperor to realize that either way, “this too shall pass.”

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