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The Five Most Important Words In Your Life

Let the record show that all stories are true, and some even happened. This is a story to remember to your grave. An ancient emperor asked his wise men to provide him with the one great truth that could guide him through the rest of his life. He gave them a year. After they studied... Read more »

How To Survive Another Luscious Summer Without A Bathing Suit

With the unofficial arrival of Summer 2016, this old Chicagoan can’t help but feel the same two-pronged tingling inside. The little thrill that believes the poet: “Summer is what life ought to be” at the same time the even larger twinge that rewinds the mind to those haunting Charles Atlas ads: “Don’t be that 98-pound... Read more »

Anxiety Attacks Are Attacking Anerica

So what’s all this about the National Institute of Health reporting, “More than 40 million Americans suffer from anxiety each year, many in the form of anxiety attacks.” What’s with this label ‘attack?’ I can understand a shark attack, a heart attack, an attack of indigestion, but how does anxiety attack…? If you can’t answer... Read more »

Why Is Being An Adult So Fiercely Hard...?

Every traveler on Planet Earth yearns with the same yearning. Where have I come from; where am I heading; how can I get the people around me to help me reach there? At 85 a lot of answers come to mind. But none so powerful as the celebrated “Manual Of Life.” Like the Ark of... Read more »

New Research Shows Depression & Worry Have An Off Switch

Night after night you’re stretched out in front of the great luminous eye. Americans spend up to eight viewing hours a day, with some researchers claiming each hour shortens our life by 22 minutes…! You can take those stats for what you think they’re worth, but here are two facts that seem indisputable: * Sitting... Read more »

When Was The Last Time You Made A Contract With The Devil...?

When was the last time you made a contract with the Devil? Initial reactions: I don’t believe in the Devil! I wouldn’t deal with him if he did exist! I’m not into weird stuff! I beg to differ. You and I are forever bargaining in our lives. Gambling on goals that are important but elusive.... Read more »

The New McDonalds & The Old Ghosts On Washington Blvd

How can I put this…? Karmic Law strikes again? The Quarter Pounder grows up? Maybe simply ~ a McDonald’s criticism-inside-a-compliment. The compliment has to do with the untold story to McDonald’s planned move to the city’s Near West Side. For it completes a 70 year cycle which began in 1955. By 1980 the new hamburger... Read more »

It's Summertime So Now It Begins ~ No, The Other Thing

And now it begins. Summertime, kids, and ice cream. These upcoming, everyday street scenes in Chicago were hardly everyday scenes among our early generations. Ice cream back then was only fit-for-kings.To be more specific, King Louis XIV of France was the first to serve this tongue-teasing concoction of cream, sugar and flavors in his 17th C... Read more »


THE CODE HAS BEEN BROKEN…! “Southside” and “westside” have been the media’s ciphers for Chicago’s crime-ridden minority communities for years. They use these to maintain what they call un-provocative reporting. However, as we face another summer-of-blood in these once stable neighborhoods, it can’t hurt to get past the niceties. And get our historic and demographics... Read more »