Is Oprah Right? Do I Have To Die?

Is Oprah right? Do I have to die?….well I’m simply taking her at her word that “old white men have to die off before racism is ever gone”…I admit there is some ugly logic to this…but what if you’re old, white, male but not racist…? what if there are several happy mixed marriages in your own family…? no, there may be something deeper here…it is the natural passion each generation has for changing whatever they can of the last generation…more than a “gap” it is a “war”…you know this when you start reading your city’s young sportswriters already turning on the Cubs’ old, white manager…controversy makes good copy, but taking a shot at
the “old ways” does make some of us feel mighty right about themselves …nothin’ new, Oprah, it’s a lot like you felt about the elders in your life

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