Feminists ~ En Gard! I Have Something To Say To You

We’ve just completed another Fourth of July. But as we travel through the corridors of time, we tend to re-write some of that history. Everyone tries.

In the process we often get it right, though sometimes get it very wrong. For instance, we’ve come to realize such embarrassments as the fact Columbus didn’t so much “discover” as he “invaded” the New World,,, most of our Founding Fathers were slave owners…the Wild West was tamed as much by preachers and teachers as sheriffs and gunslingers….in WWII. which we like to call the “good war,” American GIs committed atrocities too.

Ironically, a few of the re-writes have turned out worse than the first editions. Consider how Feminism’s good intentions have frequently condemned the housewives of the first half of the 20th C to a mythical prison in which they had to suffer the “bondage” of staying at home with housework and children. In protesting the worst of these days, the re-writers ignore the bast of them. As in the case of countless women both comfortable and fulfilled being in charge of their homes and families.

History is usually written by the winners. But ask any woman over 60 and you may hear what I clearly remember: “I loved my home and staying in it!”

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