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The Drones Are Coming! The Drones Are Coming!

The drones are coming! the drones are coming!…civil rights groups are warning of a police state…but when you think about it, we already ARE a police state….because most citizens have ASKED for it…like someone trapped in their car in a dangerous location at night calls 911 to be helped, yet never once adds: “But be... Read more »

Is Oprah Right? Do I Have To Die?

Is Oprah right? Do I have to die?….well I’m simply taking her at her word that “old white men have to die off before racism is ever gone”…I admit there is some ugly logic to this…but what if you’re old, white, male but not racist…? what if there are several happy mixed marriages in your... Read more »

Yesterday, Quite By Surprise, I Found Our Lost American Dream

Lately there has been much wringing of hands and hearts about our lost American Dream. Dwindling jobs…dwindling growth…dwindling hope due the obscene division between rich and poor. Where was our vaunted Middle Class? Where was our traditional passion for success? I hardly thought the knock on my front door would be the answer. But it... Read more »

Hey, No Reason To Feel Foolish Feeling Nostalgic

Hey, No Reason To Feel Foolish Feeling Nostalgic
It was inevitable….this recent passion for nostalgia has generated a counter-passion….various authors & columnists are suggesting that nostalgia blogging on Facebook is romanticized escape. Well, yeah! There is so much from which to escape in today’s brutish world. BUT here’s the counter to the cynics’ counter-argument…used right, nostalgia can be downright efficacious…not simply purposeless escape... Read more »

Feminists ~ En Gard! I Have Something To Say To You

We’ve just completed another Fourth of July. But as we travel through the corridors of time, we tend to re-write some of that history. Everyone tries. In the process we often get it right, though sometimes get it very wrong. For instance, we’ve come to realize such embarrassments as the fact Columbus didn’t so much... Read more »

To Bury Or Not To Bury Your Inner Child

In my Huckleberry youth [circa, the Great Depression] our family shared a modest summer cottage that had a pier just like this….Lily Lake about 30 miles outside Chicago…I fished here, dreamed here, even tried to swim from here….it was so long ago, it was the very last time I felt like a Tom Sawyer in... Read more »