Keep Me Safe, Just Don't Tell Me How You Do It

Right now, more people are on the move than at any other time in history since the end of WWII…the UN estimates 60 million refugees have been driven from their home…this vast shift illustrates how much our world is in a state of flux…

Human nature intuitively prefers stability….one of the consequences of such flux is how we now seem to accept government surveillance if only it can promise us some stability [ie. security]…

This despite 6700 pages on brutal CIA surveillance & interrogations released by Congressional Committees…is this an Orwellian preference for security even at the expense of liberty…?

Many think so, for by contrast to the Watergate revelations, so far not one surveillance or interrogation official has been indicted …maybe the people are really saying:”Keep me safe, just don’t tell me how you do it!

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